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Video credit goes to Barbie Eason with Makeup by Barbie

Best. Lipstick. Ever


I am a huge fan of lipsticks! After trying my first LipSense, I am hooked! Four colors later, I can mix, match or use alone! I just Love your line!!

Adrienne D. Wilmette, IL

The LipSense product is great! I am a lipstick lover and have always hated having to reapply all the time. With this product you don't have to reapply! Just add gloss and the color comes right back. I would highly recommend this product and the price point and color options are a real plus!

Linda W. Barrington, IL

I recently tried a new lipstick product called LipSense after my girlfriend, Fern, became a distributor. I was curious about the product having initially come across it at a Trade Show. IT IS AWESOME!!! They have a lot of colors; my first purchase was Dusty Rose and I love how the product works. I would say it lasts about 6-7 hours for me as long as I reapply the gloss (after 3 weeks of wearing it). I understand they carry other products which I'm excited to try as well. I don't know why anyone would go back to using regular lipstick after experiencing LipSense! You can literally eat a meal, sip from a glass, and even brush your teeth and the product stays on.

Nancy S. Long Grove, IL